What Outdoor Augers are Used For


Augers can be used to accomplish tasks that would be extremely difficult or impossible without them. An auger is essentially a drill that you use in order to dig into the ground. They are available in a wide range of sizes and capabilities. Some of them are very small and powered by nothing more than your own hands. Others are very large attachments to a tractor that can be used to dig deep, secure holes for large objects that need to be positioned in place.

Big Augers

These are hooked up to large gas motors or tractors, and they can be used to drill large holes for planting trees or setting up telephone poles. They can also dig holes for fence poles and other similar jobs.

Small Augers

Small augers come in two basic varieties. The torque can be provided by your own hands, or it can be provided by an electric motor. The most popular option, for obvious reasons, is the electrically powered auger. These are designed to be plugged into an electric hand drill. This does have the disadvantage of running out of batteries, of course, but this is well worth the reduction in manual labor.

The primary purpose of these small augers is to plant seeds. These are typically designed to reach just a few inches into the soil, which is typically all that it takes in order to plant a seed. It takes much less time to pull the trigger on a hand drill than it does to dig out a hole and fill it in for each and every seed.

Another thing that small garden augers can be used for is to remove weeds. If a weed with a large root is removed without removing the root, the weed can grow back. An auger allows you to drill down to the source of the problem and remove the entire plant from the soil. They can also be used in order to fertilize or water certain types of trees and shrubs.

The primary disadvantage of these augers is that they will not always be able to break through virgin soil. If the ground has never been loosened in the past, the auger won't necessarily work.

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